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Tech Carré - Website Design

Website Design

So, you have a small business and you’re ready to take the next step and get online! Tech Carré is here to help! Ta-tada-daaaaa! (Cue the superhero music). We make websites that grab your customers… well not literally…

Seriously, we loooooove making websites and new technologies and capabilities are being added regularly.  We can make that quick simple site to get you going at a low price and design it in a way that will make it easy to expand and add content and features as time goes by.  Or if you like, we can make that mega, bilingual, flashy, animated website right from the start.

Tech Carré - Website design

This website is also an example of a straight forward website.  It’s currently under construction but once all the content is complete, we have big plans! You’ll be able to switch this site to another theme easily and see a totally different style. This page will give you details on what was involved in making this site and how much time it took so we can put a clear price tag on this as an example of our capabilities.

Transparency is important because big projects can run over an estimate and derail easily but with clear examples of sizes and prices, you’ll be able to plan and decide what you’d like. We want you to succeed and being straightforward and transparent with our clients is important to us. We’d like to have a long-term working relationship with you. No better place to start than transparency and trust, right?

Here are some of the website design tasks we can do for you:

  • Design and programming of websites
    • For viewing on all types of devices (smartphones, tablets, computers)
    • Several basic models available for adjustment to your brand
    • Customized, intricate, content heavy sites also no problem
    • Ready for self-maintenance and modification
      • Maintenance packages available at the desired interval
  • Modification of existing websites
    • Revision/correction
    • Content
    • Events
    • Blogposts
    • Promotions
  • Connections
    • Online reservation systems (hotel reservations, scheduling meetings, etc.)
    • Payment systems (online services like Paypal, etc.)
    • Analytical data system (Google Analytics, etc.)
  • Domain and email address registration
  • Search engine optimization
    • Basic search engine optimization is included in our website designs

On top of all this, we give you direct access to all your accounts like your website domain, hosting, email, etc., so you’re not obligated to stay with us. We want you to do well, so if you find better prices elsewhere, we’ll make it easy for you. We’re friendly and open and on your side.

Tech Carré - Website Design

Why Tech Carré for your Website Design needs ?

Sure! We have heart, we’re a Canadian company, we offer high-quality services at very low prices, we’re flexible to your budget, we like long strolls on the beach and karaoke but why should you choose us?  Okay, well those are some good reasons…. Here are some more just in case you’re not sure yet.

  • Guaranteed 24-hour support response for all your enquiries (usually immediate)
  • Your data is secure, private and confidential
  • You are fulfilling your Social Responsibility mandate by supporting a caring company and with a Diverse team.
  • You are caring for the environment by supporting a company for whom this is a priority.

Just get in touch with us, and let’s chat. No pressure.