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Tech Carré - Social Media

Social Media / Online Presence

So you have a business or you’re starting a business; No matter if it’s a small company or if you are a self-employed person, you have most likely noticed that Social Media is everywhere these days. People on their phones everywhere, all the time…  chatting, taking pictures, telling everyone their opinion.  If this seems unfamiliar or slightly beyond your capabilities, don’t worry. It’s not very complicated and we can help you.

At minimum, your company needs a basic online presence. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

It’s important to have a long-term, consistent, regular presence online. Almost everyone is a potential customer or knows someone who is and they need to hear from you and notice you regularly to keep you in mind when the need arises.  Posting ‘Hello, we exist!’ once a year is not gonna cut it.

Tech Carré - Social Media

This is what we do, according to your budget.  Our minimum is 1 hour a week (so $25 + tx) to post 1 or 2 things, share relevant posts, and all kinds of other engagement tactics that will help make your ‘followers’ feel like you belong to them, like they can trust you and that you are present in their lives somewhat.

Often, just being there regularly will make them call you up on the phone later when they need you. You can’t track that directly, online but you can sure reap the rewards though. 😊

Certainly, investing a huge budget can get higher returns and maybe more direct customers, and if that’s what you’d like we can follow through, but for small businesses with a limited budget, just the basic online presence can be enough to make people aware that you are still here and hoping they’d give you a chance.

If you happen to have happy customers on top of that who like to tell everyone about it on social media too, then you’re golden! And we’ll be there to answer their comments and keep them feeling attached to you.

Tech Carré - Google

What we include on top of this which makes it even more worthwhile is we keep up to date with multiple social media platform regularly as well as keep your Google MyBusiness profile up to date and top shape. That means you’ll be found easily on Google Search and maps and you’ll be easy to contact.

We keep up-to-date with the little tricks that make people connect more so you can focus on your business.

We are also pleased to offer you flexibility!  If you try 1 hour a week but would like a bit more for a one-month period, no problem. We’ll adjust with you.

We are open and transparent. We want you to succeed, so if you like we’ll be pleased to show you the basics of how to keep track of your accounts as well. This way, you can also contribute and learn.

We can:
  • Create your company’s social media profiles and/or Google presence
  • Upgrade your existing profiles to get the most out of them
  • Do regular maintenance
  • Manage your social media and Google presence at the interval you would like. One hour a week, two hours, 10.. whatever you like.
  • Manage visitor engagement
  • Produce insight reports (and explain them if you like)
  • Answer reviews
  • Advise you when there’s a problem
  • Post your promotions, events, contests, news, etc.
  • Create original engaging content
  • TRAIN YOU to understand how to use these platforms and post things yourself
  • And more…

If this all sounds like a lot, keep in mind that we do this according to your budget. So 1 hour a week would be a basic online presence with maybe 1 or 2 posts, while 4 hours a week would obviously produce more content.

Some clients ask us to set-up their accounts, optimize them, then train them to use them and give them tips.  They then take care of their own accounts for a while. Then later, they contact us to do a promotion for them one week only. No problem.

Tech Carré - Social Media

We’re flexible and we’re here to back you up. 

No hard-sell, no obligation. Just friendly people willing to help you when you need it and make sure you do well.