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Tech Carré - A Diverse Team


Tech Carré is a Woman, LGBT+ and Aboriginal owned Business Services company. We focus on helping small Canadian businesses and self-employed persons see more success and we encourage our clients and our team to care for the environment. It is a pleasure to help promising, Diverse companies grow and to know that our great service and prices play a part.  Our Diverse team and suppliers include all kinds of people and ensures diverse and creative solutions for our clients.

Tech Carré cares for the environment

The main goal of our business services company is to spread kindness and offer support to good people by working hard for good organizations.   It’s a winning formula with a passion that shines through in our work.

Our culture

  • Kindness, Diversity, Intelligence, Patience, Understanding and Generosity
  • Taking initiatives to help the environment by reducing our carbon footprint in as much of our work as possible and educating, encouraging and supporting our clients and contractors in (hopefully) doing the same.

Our advantages

  • Low prices to specifically better serve small companies and self-employed persons
  • A multitude of services to help you save money across the board
  • No commitments. You decide when you need us.

Our goals

  • To spread kindness and offer support to good people by working hard for good organizations
  • To offer our services Canada wide; online and in person.
  • To give small companies an advantage by cutting costs and providing valuable services and insight.
  • To provide work-from-home employment to hard working, self-employed persons who embody our company culture.

Our team

  • Talented, Diverse, self-employed persons of all backgrounds who embody our company culture
  • No matter if you are a minority, Disabled, Veteran, LGBT+, Aboriginal, French speaking, English speaking, young adults, 55+, Purple, Orange, Extra-Terrestrial  … or not; All are welcome here. Good Canadians doing great work, with a passion for helping small companies flourish.
Tech Carré - Your success

Our partnerships

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Future service goals

  • Accessibility assessments and certifications
  • Earth-friendly assessments and certifications
  • Being able to offer more freebies to our clients

Tech Carré ; a caring business services company eager to help you succeed.