//Today is the day: Launch of Tech Carré – version 2.0

Today is the day: Launch of Tech Carré – version 2.0

Tech Carré 2.0 - Launch

Good day Everyone!

My name is Odaava Guy and I am the founder of Tech Carré.  Today is the day! I am proud to welcome you to Tech Carré’s completely revamped website: Tech Carré 2.0 !

This new site represents my growing vision for Tech Carré’s future, and I hope you’ll be pleased.  Since starting this company in December 2017, it quickly became apparent that my services were filling a much-needed gap and that I enjoy helping small companies succeed. After visiting family and clients in Toronto a few times this year, I came to the realization that these services could benefit many small companies and self-employed persons across Canada.

As a person who has battled depression throughout my life, I understand how difficult it can be to balance work and family.  I have been lucky enough to do some work for the IWSCC (Inclusive Workplace and Supply Council of Canada) since last year and it has become clear to me that any support that can be given to Diverse entrepreneurs, can only be a good thing.  That coupled with my desire to encourage the business community to make positive changes towards helping the environment has given me the strength I needed to pursue my goals and the advancement of Tech Carré.

Succeeding just for the sake of making money and outperforming others who might consider us competition is not my style. I don’t want to compete; I want them to succeed too!  My goal is not to get rich, although I suppose it might be the goal of most entrepreneurs.  I would like Tech Carré to help me and my family have a basic, comfortable lifestyle, yes. But beyond that, it would make me very happy to be able to help others achieve success. Especially people who might usually have a harder time of it and I would also love to have a positive impact on the environment.

It’s entirely possible that Tech Carré might become a non-profit organization in the future but for now, the plan is to reinvest into the company. Make it strong so we can help people succeed for a long time to come and then when there is surplus, I hope to be able to give even more to our suppliers, supporters and clients and to supporting environmental initiatives.

Cheers to a bright year to come!

Odaava Guy
Tech Carré – Founder

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